We are a full service production company, which offers a personal, tailored & hands-on approach to production service in Croatia and the region. Through our great selection of top level film professionals and experienced production team we bring together all the skills you need for great creative results. We provide all production services including: location scouting, scheduling, budgeting, research, casting, cast and crew hire, equipment rental and transportation services.


Over two millennia of history. Indeed a place where cultures meet.

A space where the Roman, the Medieval, the Renaissance, and the best of the Baroque peacefully co-exist with the 19th century Austro-Hungarian architecture and design. The best examples of post-WWII design stand as a testament to the more recent past and customs. Such a varied and eclectic offer of possible filming locations is not commonly found.

Croatia is also a country that boasts an amazing mixture of different climates. Practically speaking, this means that in a radius of no more than a houndred miles you’ll be able to find everything from Mediterranean to Alpine climates. If you are based in a sunny Italianate Adriatic historical town, an Alpine-looking snow-covered mountain peak will be an hours drive away.

Cast and crew

Highly skilled cast and crew could be only a phone call away.

Croatia’s long-standing cinematographic tradition has helped foster skilled film crews and production companies for over seven decades. Get an insight on the work of a highly skilled and reliable English-speaking crew. Find the right principal talent and extras to suit your project among a wide range of looks, skills, and experience in film and TV.


Less bureaucracy, more filming.

Location permits, shooting with Unmanned Aircraft Systems, temporary import of professional equipement, work permits for foreign nationals, visas, customs regulations etc. are a lot of work and no stone should be left unturned in making sure the process goes as planned. That being said we know that things don’t always go as planned, we are here to make sure any potential delay is handled professionaly and resolved as soon as possible.


First-come, first-serve. Refund up to 30% on qualifying Croatian spending.

If you are filming a feature film, documentary, TV film, TV series or if your thing is animation, Croatia is the place for you. Financial incentive for film and TV productions shooting in Croatia is available to international filmmakers in the form of a rebate of 25% on qualifiying Croatian spending. An additional 5% is approved for productions filming in regions with below average development.