Adria Palace


Liberty Square is one of Budapest’s most well-known places. However, most visitors to the area ignore a massive hidden gem in the neighborhood. Actually, it’s not hidden, as it happens to be a large tenement house that can be seen from Liberty Square. This is Adria Palace.

Completed in 1918. the building was once home to the Adriatic Insurance Company. The palace is abandoned but doesn’t resemble your typical forlorn building filled with dilapidated fixtures and decay. Visitors won’t find broken walls or graffiti, as it remains the same as it did during its heyday.

The inside of the building is designed with marble walls, stairs with columns, and an amazing courtyard that has been virtually untouched.

The building garnered its name from the days of the Austro-Hungarian empire, when it once bordered the Adriatic. Adria is abandoned, but that hasn’t stopped the location from making several appearances on the big screen.

Year of Inception1902
SurroundingsCity of Budapest